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SME. What is it?


I normally pop into the NAAFI for a quick half and never leave but this morning I looked at some other stuff.

What is an SME?

A fucking know it all smug cunt usually.
quite the opposite, in my exerience they are usually some WO1 bellend who is utterly unemployable at a regular unit and as such is fucked off to somewhere like the DE&S to cause chaos, ponce shiney stuff off industry and try to not actually kill anyone
Depends on the context...

Subject Matter Expert - overpaid, know all with no accountability.

Or Small Medium Enterprise - tax sucker business...unlike Voadphone /Amazon actually pay tax, legal backbone of UK business.


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[serious mode on]

In theory a SME - Subject Matter Expert - is someone you go to for help and guidance in the area where they are an expert. Thus I am a SME for the software I work on - I train people in its use and try and find solutions for any problems experienced.

In the context of ARRSE, I think anyone with a SME tag is a genuine expert in the field and should be able to give a definitive answer when they respond.

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So if DOT answers, it's the definitive answer to that specific question.

[/serious mode off]


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