SMC 35

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Queensman, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. The Standard Military Course 'Passed Out' this day, 25 years ago! Normandy and Alamein Companies.

    Happy days.

    A hot August day (remember those?), there were a few Grads there too to make up numbers and make us look good. Even worse than them were the Splitarses who made their first appearance on the Old College Square. Our C/Sgt, standing behind me as they shambled on, remarked that he could see dandruff on their shoes. My snort of concealed mirth earnt a whack from the CSM's pace-stick.

    I got stung by a wasp on my neck at the start of the Form Up outside New College. Made the Eyes Right bloody painful.
  2. Sprog!

    SMC 2!
  3. Christ! Are you still alive? You must have served with Harry Patch!
  4. 8)
  5. ... mere children. :roll:

    Those of us who did a Proper commissioning course for two years and are still serving, are however getting a bit thin on the ground... (and on top!) :D
  6. How's your incontinence these days? :tp: :D
  7. Classic :D
  8. Eye thenk yew :worship:
  9. Intake 52, they kept the best for the last proper course!
  10. Wasn't that course shortened?
  11. Yup...

    51 and 52 commissoned together... not sure if both or only 52 was cut 'n shut..

    50 did the full stretch, although Victory College companies were disbanded and the natives dispersed.

    I contend that 49 was the last "classic" format course with 3 colleges and six terms...
  12. I still have a brain in my head that remembers then :D