Smashed my TV playing COD4

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ontheeighthday, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Decided to stay in on new years eve and had a go at playing COD4 which my daughter bought me for christmas.

    Had been chatting to a mate and watching him play,[a sniper pl cmdr in real life], it looked the bollox, sad I know as I've been out for 10 years.

    Not really a big gamer, but I got caught up in the whole thing and before I know it, time flies by and its 3 in the morning and several cans later.

    Could'nt get past stage 3, I lost my temper with the whole thing, the end result, I throw the controller at my new flat screen and watch in horror as it makes an x box shaped controller double dent on the screen.

    Sent myself to bed and woke up the next day with the awful feeling I'd done something wrong,[I'm 47 for fucks sake].

    Just wondered if anybody else had done something as mongish over a game!

    I stand by for incoming and whats the best way to get round my insurance company?
  2. Knock it off the stand whilst cleaning, and yes your a kn0b (but it is a good game (I'm also 47)).
  3. a few years ago...
    smashed up a first person shooter keyboard (think that was also a call of duty 1 united offence) , damaged several ps2 controllers, tried to fix them by taking them apart... bought several new controllers, and im counting down the days till i chuck 1 of my ps3 controllers at somthing.
  4. COD4 is so 2 years ago

    You want the sequel
  5. Didnt realize, but it was COD Modern Warfare 2, not that it makes much difference, my tv is still fucked!

    But glad to hear other people have the same probs!
  6. Does that mean I'm a pigtailed cunt?
  7. If you get a new telly dont play online because getting knifed by a yank teenager will give you a coronary
  8. kicked the console over and trashed the game inside as a result in the past, got it polished for ages in blockbuster its about half the thickness now and extremely flimsy but its still works

  9. So much for controlled aggression then :twisted:
    I really suck at the game( hence my MW2 name;3 Para Mortars) but I always could control my temper after being slotted for the zillionest time,even when p!ssed. It seems you've got issues! Get a grip! :p

    Meanwhile, I hope your insurance company is stupid enough to pay for the damage. Crack on!
  10. I played COD modern warfare 2 the other day. I have to say it was totally spoiled for me by the way your character reloads the LSW with the wrong hand - and it has a round cocking handle. Not very modern.

    Am I sad?
  11. Wish I'd got to the point where I had an LSW, mind you I always hated the things in reality!
  12. Hi Cloggie Whats 3 Para mortars got to do with it!