Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by bslipstream, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. A new breed of Walt has arrived....the Smart Walt. This creature flies just beneath the radar, giving people who don't know any better, enough information to make them arrive at the conclusion the Walt wants them to. Not telling lies per se, just leading people to believe the Walt is something special through signs and suggestion. This leaves the Walt effectively blameless as if anything was ever said pinpointing Mittyism, then they could deny it totally by virtue of the fact that they never said they were (whatever it is they are bigging themselves up about......!)
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  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Sounds like a cool prologue to a novel!
  4. Would they maybe sign up to a military message board, lurk for three and a bit years and then post something blindingly obvious and turgidly boring about a subject nobody gives a fuck about as cover for their smart walting?
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  5. That would be a patient Walt.....equally as dangerous....
  6. Difficult to separate out a smartwalt from a dumb fuck jumping to conclusions I would have thought....wouldn't stand up in a waltistrates court mate.
  7. Some good came from this, I've learned a new word. Curious as to whether this is Tim's latest sock dust-off, I googled "Smartwalt" expecting it to lead straight back to his site, but typed too fast for the google search box and got "twalt" instead.

    "A failed attempt to insert a penis into a vagina". I bet Tim knows all about that. Twat fault indeed.....
  8. Only if you consider twatishness dangerous.
  9. that's where they have the advantage.....a Smart Walt is in fear of discovery, but still has to its nature, so does it in a manner that does not arouse suspicion by being very careful of how it Walts and to whom it Walts to.
  10. Phew! That's a relief. I thought my cover was about to be blown.............??.. Bugger!!!
  11. Dont you consider twatishness dangerous?
  12. Only in as far as there is potential to laugh oneself to death.
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  13. ..........................................then he uttered "mattabooboo".

    "Nothing Yogi", replied Boo Boo.
  14. I'm more of a Flintstones fan myself......... WIIIIIIIIILLLLMAAA!!!!.... Oh how I used to laugh.
  15. Thats what I do! My old fella thinks I'm a secret agent