Smartphones At The Ready

It seems the latest trend for smartphones is taking pictures of Volleyball players' arses.

Any excuse, I suppose.

Beach volleyball stars sign deal to show advertising on their bikini-bottom clad behinds | Mail Online

Britain's female beach volleyball champions are renting out their rears in an advertising deal that encourages spectators to photograph their behinds.
Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26, have turned their bottoms into their bottom line by advertising a Quick Response (QR) code on their behinds.
This is a matrix barcode which when photographed on a smartphone takes the user to a specific website - which will be printed on the back of their bikini bottoms to ensure it catches the eye of spectators.

I'd rent out their behinds... but not for advertising.
You've got to admire the cheek of it.

Either one.

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