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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. The dreaded time has arrived when my missus has said she wants a smartphone. She's nit having an iphone because they cost the ******* earth, so I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a handset suitable for calls, the odd text message, calendar and for emails (using an Exchange server). No need for any other clever-dick wankery as she wouldn't remember what it did or how to make it work.

    Please bear in mind that she has a First-class degree from Oxford, therefore she has a level of technical incompetence and ineptitude that would shame a ten-year-old with Down's Syndrome.
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  2. Any of the Samsung family. I've got the Galaxy Note, might be a little big for her, just got the Galaxy S3 for the other half and she loves it, converted from Blackberry.
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  3. Second that, I know a couple of fuckwits who cant mess up the samsung,

    ps. its only as smart as the user, get her some Semaphore flags?
  4. Is it easy to use? I mean, iphone easy?
  5. Piece of piss. Incidentally, just bought the lad the Mark 5 Apple piece of shite, hate the things.
  6. Galaxy S2's are great value and very capable. Or go for the S3 as previously stated.
  7. I can't fault my xperia x10, by sony ericsson. Recently Sony has taken over the ericsson bit and there is a new breed of 'Sony Xperia' which for the most part are higher spec with more power. They run on the android platform, so it shouldn't be hard to find an app for the email service she uses.I would highly recommend any of the xperia range.Do not get a cheaper phone thinking it will be more basic, it runs the same software but with less power behind it, culminating in the phone meeting the far wall and gracefully descending to the ground in feeble pieces!Also, if you're on pay as you go with o2, they offer excellent contracts if you move to pay monthly, I think you can get 300 texts, 100 minutes and 100mb of interwebs for 11 quid a month, with a free handset. Then there is a 16 quid and 21 quid contract witb higher limits too. The contracts they offer for customers moving is also only over 12 months, not the usual 18 or 24 month.However, do check the phone spec on, anything with less than 256mb RAM and 1ghz processor will not run any phone very well.Best of,luck!
  8. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is great but it is rather large and, being top of the line, is pricey. The S2 is a bit smaller, cheaper and still good. Might be worth considering.
  9. Thanks, folks, I'll find someone who's got a Samsung and get them to demonstrate it to her.

    I have every confidence in her ability to make a hash of it though.
  10. The HTC One X is a good bit of kit too, almost identical spec wise to the S3, but with one or two different features. Can't fault mine!
  11. AAGF


    Another vote for Samsung - I dumped the BB Curve for a Galaxy S3 - no comparison ;;;
  12. I'll be in the same boat in December with my work phone.

    I'll be punting my current iphone4 into the wall and I'll be looking to get either a Samsung Note, or the S3.

    I'm only thinking of getting the Note as it has the larger screen.
    Can anyone recommend one over the other apart from screen size?
  13. terroratthepicnic

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    The wife has a HTC and hates the thing, she can't wait for the contract to end. I on the other hand have the Galaxy S2 and I won't be changing it for a while. I have looked at the S3 and apart from the bigger screen and being 4G compatible, there really isn't much difference.
  14. Another vote for Samsung S3. My missus has one, I've got an HTC Sensation and there's not much to choose in terms of everyday stuff. I think the Samsung probably had better battery life, though.
  15. Had the note for 5 months can't fault it. It's replaced the Laptop, Camera etc. It's great for a quick check on the net, as opposed to getting the Laptop out.