Smarter saboteurs evolving? Nope...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. On tonight's south-west newsthere was an "Oooh look at the evil hunt" story, promoted by IFAW.

    A Somerset hunt (it is subject to police investigation) were out cub-hunting and obviously came upon a mature fox's scent. They were clearly not in full cry. However clever editing showed a fox with it's ears back going hell for leather down the main line track bed. Its' speed and direction probably mostly had to do with the shrieking and yelling of the "monitors".

    Hounds then came into view on the line and three or four milled around before responding to their huntsman. Cue soundbite from an ASLEF official distressed by the possible consequences and then an IFAW rep, seated in shadow, making all kinds of prejudicial comment in the light of possible police investigation. The biggest issue was the presence of hounds on railway property - although it was admitted no humans from the hunt went onto the railway land.

    So BTP will no doubt punt this. However it is clear from one bit of footage that the cameraman is over the fence. It makes me puke. All those years of saboteurs being first to violence or offences and now they are trespassing to gather footage that they will no doubt abuse and edit to make a point. Sadly for them, their work today looks like it will be to no avail.

    Shame on them though, screeching at the puir wee beastie...its' animal rights must have been violated by the IFAW rent a mob. Funded jointly as they usually are by Hampstead literati etc and of course taxpayers!
  2. Did foxy woxy get it?
  3. It takes a special sort of person to want to dress up like an extra from Zulu, jump on a horse and ride around chasing fluffy animals. That said, the pricks whose lives are cushy enough that it actually matters to them are no better. I'm not a huge fan of either party.
  4. The anti-hunt lobby has earned me a tidy sum in extra fox control work over the years. The shiny Jap 4x4 that stands outside my home is a tribute to their selfless dedication to animal welfare.
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  5. It is not so much their devotion to animal welfare I mind, it is the curious double standard that has them stand on a mainline railway filming hounds, then trying to sic the polis on to them, bleating about it!

    Frankly I was probably crosser last night about the techniques and their inability to even put together a good made-up story, than i am about the pro-anti issues! Besides which if you are either or the other the odds of converting your opposition are slightly better than tonga's of dicking the All Blacks by fifty points on Friday morning!
  6. Once saw the royal artillery hunt get CS gassed plus assorted sabs as well :)
    felt sorry for the horses.
    everybody else should have taken notice of a few stabs in full ipe waving frantically
    although one red jacketed buffoon was of the view showing the effects of chemical weapons is a sign of poor breeding :)
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Can't you train the hound to attack smely wnkers in jeans and old vietnam era jackets?
    I would pay god money to see a hippy chased and ripped to shreds by eager hounds.
  8. Pink jacketed buffoon if you don't mind. I think he is now the master of a different south-west hunt if it is who I imagine it was!
  9. What's black and tan and looks good on a hippy?

    A Doberman.
  10. Pikey walt!
  11. **** off, it's taxed and insured.
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