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We have a Samsung Smart TV, It's wired to the router and online etc. I don't think we are using it to its full potential though. We dont have a special keyboard for it and typing things on its browser / youtube app is just plain tedious using the remote. I've figured out how to play things from my Youtube favourites on my phone on the TV and Ive even got a Samsung Smart remote app for my phone -which is quite frankly..gash.

Who else here has a Smart TV and how do you get the best from it?

Ive tried plugging a spare keyboard and mouse into its USB ports but its still pretty much unworkable when trying to navigate the screen and type things.
I've got two 'Trust' wireless mini keyboard and trackpads. One with a dongle plugged into the PS3 upstairs & one dongle plugged into the "Big Telly" (50" Sony of some description) downstairs. Both work spot-on.

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can you use the phone as a bluetooth mouse/keyboard?

if you set up a load of favourites then you add to its functionality. also networked hard drives or shared network drives full of torrented films/tv shows.

I've got a little bluetooth keyboard thingy for my playbook which I use to turn an upstairs tv into a smart one. the downstairs one hasn't blown up yet so stuck with crt as it was one of the first with freeview so still a good tv and I smarted it up by hacking the wii.

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