smart phone with free (built in gps)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by two_of_seven, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. I am keen to buy a phone with "built in gps", does anyone have any experience of these?

    I have a particularly cheap contract with t-mobile, which i dont want to change, so I would like an off-contract phone (any price within reason) which doesnt need to use the internet to get a location.

    all help appreciated
  2. Despite my advancing years, I have an XDA Stellar from O2. It has a built in GPS receiver that works well. However, I'm told that the chip is American so altitude readings are even less accurate than the GPS norm.

    You can get free software that turns on the GPS chip and shows Lat and Long. It also integrates with the free Google maps application. On a good day, it can bring up a satellite photo of my house and track me as I move from room to room. Quite scary.

    If you want in car navigation, you can buy software for about 80 quid and the phone will tell you to 'drive straight ahead at the end of the pier'.

    You don't need to access the internet but if you can the phone will download ephemeris data off the net instead of waiting for GPS to transmit it. Hence it starts giving accurate fixes more quickly.

    All in all, very impressive but GPS drains the batteries like there's no tomorrow.
  3. Resurrected this as I've seen the Nokia E71 and wondered if anyone has it? If so, what uses have you put it to?



    Nokia E71
    Full email support (Mobile office mail, Mail for exchange)
    2.36”QVGA 16 million colours
    110Mb internal memory with support for an 8GB micro SD card
    3.2 megapixel camera
    AGPS including all UK maps pre-loaded on Memory
  4. I have a Nokia N96, which works quite well. Bloody expensive though.
  5. I use the Nokia E71 and have just returned from a trip to the US where I used it a lot in finding my way around San francisco, LA etc on the west coast although I only used it when on foot as the TomTom is a much better option when in the car. I used the inbuilt Nokia maps although a lot of people have downloaded and use the google maps which are free to download.

    My contract is with 3 and for £20 per month gives me unlimited internet, email and texting along with 200 free minutes, pretty pricey per minute in the US though!

    To sum up, I would recommend it as a good GPS phone but it can get pricey when using it abroad the downside is that I would not recommend using it when driving, unless you trust the missus to sit with it and give left/right instructions in a timely manner which I don't.

    hope this helps.
  6. Many thanks for the replies. :) Got the E71 after a good think, £20 is a good deal for all the things you mention, but 18 months contract :roll:

    The phone is cool, looks nice, and it's hooked me up to Arrse (via its modem) which means I don't need a BB or landline account. :p The PC Suite software is pretty decent, and I'm hoping to have fun with this thing over the weekend.
  7. Tremaine, Just read about you hooking your new E71 up (im guessing) to your computer. Im sure your aware of this but just in case, be wary about the download limit - most companys say unlimited internet but it is infact limited by a fair use policy to 500Mgs. Lots on looking at the internet on your phone but nothing when looking at pages on a computer as it uses much more data. I had a mate who did this and it cost him a fortune.

    I just thought id mention it just in case.
  8. Nice one, sentinal. :wink: Good for me to know, and for others. So, thanks buddy.
  9. Got a Nokia. Battery life is atrocious with the GPS on.
  10. Just got Tom Tom 6 working on my Nokia N95 8GB. with the internal GPS antenna. Its the dogs do dahs imho
  11. Re these "Smart Phones"....still haven't found a use for one that'll knock me bandy though :roll:
  12. I have a Blackberry Storm, it's not bad, not quite as polished as the Iphone though.
  13. Currently using an XDA Orbit II from O2.
    Uses Windows Mobile so will play most standard media formats (not tied to iTunes).
    It uses Copilot (free with the phone) for road nav and Fugawi (OS maps @1:50,000) when I go for a bimble on foot or alternatively I have used Memory Map for the OS maps @ 1:25,000 but they are bloody expensive.
    Works well enough but definitely heavy on the batteries when not connected to a power source so only used for spot checks.
  14. Anyone got an HTC Diamond 2? I'm tempted by it, but not sure. I'm on Orange, Raccoon 35.