Smart phone eating data like a fat girl eats cake!

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by ex_donkey_man, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. I'm shoving this up as it seems to be a growing problem with smart phones (Not sure about IPhone, but certainly android) and the data usage. I know this from reading other forums, Yahoo questions and personal experiance.

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy Ace for 6 months, using about 150-200mb per month. Over the last 2 days I've gone through about 200mb alone, not knowing why. I've noticed (could have done this before and I didn't know) that almost every app I now use has a large cache (please fooking explain cache, all I know is its not data and I don't need to re-sign in).
    I don't have Wifi, GPS or Bluetooth on perm, I use wifi signals for location, but I've done this for the last 6 months no problems. I know I had to uninstall FB and they re-install it, but I've also heard google maps seems to be taking on a lot, but you can't get rid of that and it updates without my consent. My FB, twitter etc are always manually updated, there's no syncs set on anything and my battery lasts as long as it did before.

    I've got Traffic counter, so I know the datat uasge shot up 2 days ago, but going to try spare parts app to see if I can find out which app it is, but still need some help on this area.

    Any good ideas why this is happening, or similar problem?

    Cheers EDM
  2. It's the 6000 Viagra emails you're sending every hour.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it wont happen on the iphone, the battery runs out before you can even start up the browser.
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  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Cached data is data that has been downloaded but not permanently stored. Your phone downloads it and holds it in temporary storage - it doesn't write it to memory. Cached data is cleared when the phone is turned off.

    Caching data tends to speed up use of an application - for example if you are surfing the internet, it stores the pages in a cache. When you access a page that you have previously visited, it checks to see if an up-to-date copy is held in the cache. If it's held, it displays the copy from memory - if not, it downloads it. This speeds things up if you're constantly accessing the same pages.

  5. Thanks Wordsmith, good and simple explanation. Obviously not what's causing my problem at the minute then!
    I shall fight on before I head in to the shop to whinge like a 9 year old girl!
  6. Samsung firmware is constantly being tweaked and updated. Check that your phone isn't trying to download something of that ilk.
  7. My Samsung Galaxy 2 has updated its firmware twice in the past week or so. Each time, some of the pre-installed apps have switched themselves "on", and I've had to turn them off or prevent them from auto-updating.

    Unfortunately, Android seems to be set up in the assumption that you want 24/7 updating of social media, googlemail, googlemaps et al. I wish there was a "master switch" which ensured that apps were killed upon- say - return to the home screen.

    I haven't yet travelled abroad with an Android phone, but I'd want to be sure that the thing wasn't racking up roaming data charges by itself. Anyone had experience of this?
  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Caching may be part of the problem. If you read from a cache, it is a lot quicker than downloading data. It is possible for an application to work in the background and download information to the cache when your phone is otherwise not occupied. This means when you start up the application and use it, it runs quickly because the info's been previously downloaded to your phone. If a program is continually writing information in the background to keep cached information updated, that might be part of your problem.

    You mentioned Google Maps - I wonder if it continually downloads info in the background when you move to a new location.

    (I know relatively little about mobile phone apps - so I'm talking general principles here...)

  9. you could try pluging it into the pc and update all your aps or use the pc to run a proper antivirus scan on it . also check and delete what you dont want on them as wordsmith said a few of them run in the background constantly .
  10. I've got the app "traffic counter" which will tell you what is using it to some degree and between that and Traffic stats lite, I know I've been battered.
    between 08.47hrs and 23.36 hrs on the 4th Nov these are the stats -
    Total GPRS/EDGE/3G received was 27mb!
    I've uninstalled a couple of apps, such as a 3g speed test, to see if that affects it!
  11. if you go in settings - you can set it to "National roaming" only, I've been abropad with it and it wouldn't connect to anything! Failing that, turn the data mode off, on the Ace its the side button that also has flight mode, off and something else! That cuts the 3g connection.

    Wordsmith - I've had the location via wifi on for the last 6 months for google maps, I think it could be the update, but I have no idea how to stop it! I know GPS drains a lot, as it searches everytime you lose the signal.

    I shall try now I've taken a few apps off to see what happens (apart from fooking google maps updating itsefl)! I did uninstall a few updats while it was disconnected.