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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by darbs, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. This was quoted to me by a para, now i know they are good but i would really like a smart come back if anyone can think of one.

    ""Rather my sister a whore than my brother a craphat""
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Shame she was had by a bunch of them at once, and didn't get paid.
  3. 'Me and the lads know she's a whore and a cheap one at that'

    Make sure you know where the door is before saying it though!
  4. "What? So you'd consider sharing her?"
  5. 'Thats you fekked, we got engaged last night'
  6. I thought your brother was the whore and your sister the craphat.
  7. "And not just a craphat but a cheap manwhore craphat who sucks cocks for fagbuts.............."
  8. I've had them both. And your mum. At the same time.

    You can adapt this sentence to order depending on how much you want filled in.
  9. Para ""Rather my sister a whore than my brother a craphat""

    Darbs "Is that you Pte Golden?"
  10. There is no comeback. In a para's eyes you are either going to be'

    a) A craphat and therefore insignificant
    b) A civvy and therefore insignificant
    c) A doris and therefore insignificant

    You've lost even before you've had chance to think of a comeback.

    Never mind eh.
  11. hahaha he's going to blow a fuse when i say a few of these things. But then i will leg it haha
  12. Darbs you're nearly 40 years old. Why not just tell him to fcuk off. I gather you're not even in the forces so why are you letting it bother you?

    You could try the comeback 'You're correct in everything you say, please roundhouse me in the head'
  13. Always ask him why a para when was the last time a para unit actually parachuted into action - with in his life time - should become air cav!!!

    ... just catching me chopper now...
  14. Or you could ask him to help you out with sentence construction and basic grammar.
  15. Better dead than second!