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Mrs WW has seen a advert for the “Smart” car ( rollerskate) , where it is hit with a demolition ball sustaining very little damage . Having explained the physics of how this was done using an egg , string , and a hard object.
I must admit the attraction of low running costs is tempting.
Has anyone got one or has experience of one of these cute little cars , is it really that good on fuel, can I actually put a tumble drier in the back and will 2 British standard persons fit in at the same time ?

The model hinted at is the fortwo coupé Passion, I would be grateful for any views / opinions.

I've had one.

Brilliant little car. Does all you mentioned.

If you're really that interested, go & hire one for a weekend.

That'll prove it for you!
Not driven the smart fortwo, but i've had a roadster for the last 6 months. Good fuel economy (50-55 mpg), excellent acceleration & a good laugh to drive, bit like driving a street legal go-kart.
My dad had one before he brought a Citreon C1, it was a great little car, like said excellent MPG and it was great for driving about in the city. I would reccomend still looking at the C1, Aygo and the Peugot one, they are decent cars too.

I keep a Smart car for my guests to use when they visit us. As a city car it is hard to beat thanks to being able to park anywhere. The wench prefers it to the Porsche (because no-one is going to key a Smart).

The ride isn't the smoothest until you get the hang of changing gears with the semi-auto box (easily done). Fuel economy is excellent. Inside is very roomy and you sit high up. The seats are very comfortable. On the motorway they are limited to 130kmph and performance is not startling (not surprising) but they handle reasonably for their size.

Crash protection is superb. Apart from the usual airbags etc, the car is incredibly strong: have watched a video of one being driven into a concrete wall at 70mph: no damage to the inside (and the doors still worked).

Just make sure the aircon works as they get rather warm inside during the summer.

Somewhere on the internet there is a video of a tweaked up one - not the Brabus version - where someone dropped in a Hyabusa engine. Top speed 140mph and 0-60 of 3.7 seconds :) Wouldn't like to go round a corner in it though!
Production of the Smart Roadster has stopped (and will shortly restart in Wales if rumours are true).

The normal Smart (the FourTwo and FourFour) continue to sell well and are enjoying a boom in their newest market of the USA (previously they were not sold there due to construction and pedestrian impact legislation).

Expect to see the Smart car around for many years yet.
My dad runs on as second car and loves it. Meanwhile me, Mrs B and 2 B minors and a border collie run around in diesel Fiat Panda. Plenty of oomph from the oil-burning lump and real world mpg between 55 and 65. Although mpg drops to 50 if doing 75mph fully laden. Don't know what top speed is, haven't tried and don't care. It'll hold 80mph on the motorway.

I was going for a smart but since the Panda was brought in to replace an MX-5 and never underestimate the value of those 2 extra seats...
My Mrs (who drives trucks all day) loves her Smart. I have travelled many hundreds of miles in it and can confirm its very comfortable and safe feeling. I may even get one myself!

50-55 MPG? Is that all? I hired a 130BHP TDi Passat Estate that did that well on fuel.
It seated 4 to 5, had a huge boot and was very comfortable to drive all day.

Personally I drive a Land Rover because I like the crumple zone to be in the other person's car.
forget smartcars, what you want is a VW GT TSI.

1.4 Litre engine + supercharger + turbocharger = 40mpg and GTI performance plus eco credentials.

I'm getting one and I cant wait!

Smart cars are for estate agents, hairdressers and lentil munchers.
unsurprisingly theres a lot of them in Brighton make of that what you will :twisted:
Under duress I strapped on legs and we went for a test drive today.
The chap selling the car wasnt too observant and offered me first being the obliging sort I fell in and got settled , I found the steering difficult as was starting the thing , gear changing I think I can manage if I wear my"head dobber " but I'll give the indicators a miss . Its suprisingly roomy for a two seater and no worries about leg room as I have none :D

Mrs WW got cross and accused me of being obtuse and silly so we swapped sides and went for a run.
at 700cc air con semi automatic its quite nippy, Ideal for a city / town car ,but maintaining it. you replace the flywheel when you change the clutch. headlight bulbs need the double jointed hand of an eight year old to change them.
As I asked in my original post
and will 2 British standard persons fit in at the same time ?
yes they will , provided theyre not having a row.

I think with a bit of adaptation I could drive one of these,and on that thought Mrs WW is losing interest,whereas I have a plan....

I am now looking for a cheap smart car to adapt to a ripplemobile, heh heh heh :wink:

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