Smart Car Falls off Ferry (passengers walking home)



Where Did You Put The Car, Dear?
"An absent minded driver was left red-faced when his car rolled off a ferry slipway and into the sea in Dorset."......"Dorset Police were alerted when the partially submerged vehicle was spotted floating past the Haven Hotel in Poole. "

You could make so much out of this on a boring Tuesday evening :wink:
Well, to be honest, it wasn't the most pleasant walk home.

Now, where the fcuk are my glasses?
It never ceases to amaze me those feckwits who park their cars on slopes/hills and forget to use the handbrake....... I once watched with great delight some toss-pot park his car on the slipway of a seaside village, get out of his car.. and watched it roll down the slope into the sea.... Oh what fun!!!

First lessons in the Driving School....... first handbrake, then gear lever...... :)

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