Smart cameras are out to get you!

Just received from Adam Blair. The cops are currently using the "smart" camera system to sting you for doing only a few miles/hour over the limit.

Lets be careful out there!

Hi Dave,

Further to the last newsletter
I sent you on 21st January, which
disclosed plans to put "stealth"
average speed cameras on
the M42 and M6 that will
have a zero tolerance to

It seems the story is getting

It's now been reported that the
Highways Agency are also
planning to install the cameras
on six stretches of Smart
Motorway over the next two
years, including on the:

M1, M4, M5 and M23. well as on the M42 and M6,
as I mentioned in the last

...and the M25, where they are
already in operation.

It seems that the "War on the
Motorist" is coming back in
full force...

All the best,


Datsun 120Y

So what you're saying is; if you break the law, you'll get caught?

Everybody drifts over 70 now and then, sometimes without realising it. For instance, you want to get past a woofer doing 65 - 68 and metal it for a few seconds which could take you up to say 75 for a few seconds. If one of these stealth cameras spots you doing that you`re snapped and the fine comes in the post.

Just a warning like.

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