Smart Bracelets being deployed to safeguard Aid Workers


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Its always good to see people taking the plight of Aid Workers seriously. They are the definition of a soft target. Unfortunately, the outcome of this effort, depending on the speed with which one can remove the bracelet, is likely to be newly created one handed Aid Workers.

I am also quite skeptical of the concept of "Crowd" monitoring the bracelets as an effective deterrent. Anyone have any additional information?

BBC News - Smart bracelet protects aid workers

Good idea, poor application.

A smart suppository [Sp?] would be better.


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I think the words "forcibly removed" could lead to a few problems, as it would be far easier to remove the hand and slide the bracelet off than remove it and trigger the alarm, leading to a bracelet sitting around miles from the body it was once attached to.


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I agree, better ways to do it.

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