Smarmy, Big-Timing Welsh Hippy....(or IS he?!)

Just finished reading Mr. Nice, the autobiography of (Dennis) Howard Marks. It seems too good to be true. Born of Welsh miners, Graduated Master's degree Baliol College Oxford, erstwhile MI6 agent, smug druggler extraordinaire.. IRA-n dealer-wither.... Never heard of him this side of the pond. Anyone familiar with his story? If even 1/10th of it is true, what a life! Anyone know what's become of him, or, more importantly, the IRA psycho Jim McCann? Cheers
Read it.
There has never been any proof your man McCann was in the IRA. I think the book is obviously written with a diamond geezer type angle.
A good thing I did read about Marks in a newspaper was that a student union group tried to ban someone (the same person reporting the story in the newspaper) from given a speech (I think it was anti drugs) at one of their little get togethers, Marks was also due to give a speech (Pro drugs) but refused to until they let the anti drug campaigner speak. Still a druggie though.
Yes. He brought low grade cannabis to the hippy trash of Uk. Yay.
And then to portray yourself as some sort of freedom fighter for liberty....twunt. ' I was doing it for the kids'.

No, you were doing for your own ends and hard cash. You treated people like crap and got bloody caught.

Then his missus got a book out of it. These true crime types are all the bloody same. Read John Bindon's story. Actual player, and just got on with it.

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