Smamit "PaLoops" for Osprey Pouches & Combat Belt

Right my friends , I'm doing a bit of showing off here by showing you guys photos of Smamit "PaLoops" which I designed and made for attaching Pouches onto Osprey Body Armor .
They are made of webbing and buckles ,and simple to use .
I've posted photos of them and an older version called "Tee-Ohhs" on a photo sharing site as I can't put them on up on the Smamit web site until I get my new site up and running .
Smamit Paloops for attaching Pouches to osprey body armor.

yours Reg646 :D


looks like a good idea and will get alot of use judging from complaints ive heard with ospray and webbing not had the opertunity to try it on yet any chance i could get my hands on some if needed im a kit-tart in the making
you could do with some phots of your stuff loaded out, I can't make head nor tail of your chest rig
Yes it does seem they have got the idea from my Paloops,
I knew that it would be copied when I started showing it around the web,
that doesn't bother me as we all use ideas from each other . I wanted people to know that I had thought and made them.
just the Patent pending bothers a wee bit.
Yours Reg646

Checked out your website, whats the cost on the split front chest rig?Looks pretty good.

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