Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by beebs, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. any one else on here watch/follow Smallville?

    alll chat here on Smallville accepted!
  2. How old are you....??

    Does your mother know you have accessed the internet unsupervised?

    Sarcasm aside - granted the aforementioned show may have a smattering of hot eye candy on board, but it is drivel aimed at the barely pubescent American TV audience, and now (unfortunately) available over here.

    No wonder society is considered 'dumbed down'. :roll:
  3. im 21 years old and my mummy is currently unaware i am up this late on the internet!

    i love this show because its superman as a teenager.....watching this show as a regular since 2002, so since i was 15/16 so kind grew on me.

    and a 'bite' at your dumbed down remark.....i hold 11 GCSEs A-C grade and 2 A-Levels. so im not a complete idiot, just most of the time ;-p
  4. Ignore him, Brother - we are Geeks and we are proud! :D 8)

    I don't follow Smallville, in the sense that I have yet to watch a complete season, but enjoy the episodes I have managed to catch. The cast, especially the bloke who plays Luthor, are good. And some of the females are world class Hotties - especially "Supergirl"! :drool:
  5. im used to my mates slating me for watchin it so not too fussed and well up for a bit of banter!

    yeah most of the birds on there are fit! im a fan of Lois myself but yea supergirl is hhhoooott!
  6. I certainly would'nt kick "Lois" out of bed - love that scene in the montage where she comes out of the lake wearing a bikini... :D :drool: