Smallish nail in tyre; repairable or replacement job?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Just been to the tyre fitters and come away with a nagging feeling ( and £132 lighter... )

    Tyre had a small nail in the tread, causing a slow puncture. Idle yoof tells me that it could not be repaired and I needed to replace the whole tyre. If it was patched, the patch would come off at high speed...

    Have I been done?


  2. Kwik-Fit will repair your tyre for (I believe) nothing. I've known a few folk have a tryre fixed. One of them was in Germany driving down the Autobahn at the speed of light (almost) and never had a problem with the patch coming loose.
  3. By all means patch it if you drive a 2CV very slowly, if however you are planning to drive at the national speed limit with wife and kids onboard, you probably made the right choice.
  4. Depends how close to the tyre wall the hole was. However, I was under the impression that they can only advise you not to have the repair done. The decision lies with you & if you decide to go for the patch, it's your responsibility.
  5. Depends, but usually can be plugged on tread area, not sides or shoulder. If you drive a lot, change the tyre.
  6. Same goes for wheel nuts, you only really need two evenly spaced, the wheel hardly ever falls off.
  7. It was my understanding that as long as the puncture was in the tread rather than the side wall then it could be repaired.

    As for it coming off at high speed, the patch is inside of the tyre so it would have to be dragged out through the hole to come off.
  8. Aren't they patched from the inside?Therefore fail to see how the patch can come off.General rule of thumb in the tread can be repaired side wall cannot be repaired.
  9. 132 squid, wtf have you got..a Ferrari? :D
  10. Any hole in the tyre (patched or not) will damage its structural integrity, it is just more pronounced on the tyre wall. Certain driving conditions cause very large forces on the tyre, roll the die take your chance.
  11. Try it. Whizz down the motorway and test the theory out. Never feck around with tyres. You'll forever be worried that it'll depart company!
  12. It's £17 at Kwik Fit. If they charge you for the job it must be fit for purpose.
  13. The reason for repairing the tread and not the side wall is down to how the tyre is made. The tyre is reinforced with fibres. Around the tread the fibres and the load go in roughly the same direction, so a hole here is carried by the fibres. Loosing a few from a hole isn't going to compromise the integrity of the tyre. Around the tyre wall, it is not practical to lay the fibres in the direction of the load, so some of the load is carried by the rubber across the direction of the fibres, so a hole here is liable to initiate a tear where the tyre will separate from the hub. Any tear in the tread will be prevented from propagating by the fibres. Plus a sharp point puncture will not break many, if any fibres.

    I've been running on a repaired tyre for some years now - quite a large screw through the tread - and that has resolutely held together at motorway speeds.
  14. Not sure a screw in your tyre complies with BS AU 159 and is considered a permanent repair :omfg:

    Tyres can be repaired safely providing the rules in the British Standard are adhered to, and the repairer is competent (this is often where the problem lies!) Centre 3/4 of the tread can be repaired with a plug and patch type repair up to an overdrilled 6mm hole for a V rated tyre (from memory it's been a while though) However, if you're driving a car at around 150mph you can probably afford the cost of a new one if you can afford the fine. The plug and patch repair requires the tyre to be removed, repaired and then rebalanced.......... don't waste your time, fit a new one (or a pair if they are worn)

    Wrong! 3mm for a V rated tyre here's a link for those interested (or those who don't want to feel ripped off for a new tyre!) black circle
  15. I'd just get a new one TBH.

    But then I have the wife, kids and dog to think about.