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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by X59, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. X59

    X59 LE

    Was catching up with old Sqn muckers at the Army Navy, when I heard a good 'small world' tale.

    MA takes his missus to America to do some horsey touring in the desert.
    They overnight in a small 'one horse' town, when one of the locals hears their accent and suggests they probably know the town sheriff, as he's from England too.

    MA has to point out that, yes although the UK is small compared to the US, they don't know everybody living there (or HM Queen either), but that it would be nice to meet their English sheriff.

    Only turns out that the sheriff is his oppo CY, formerly of 9 Sqn and 59 Recce Troop.

    Small world indeed.
  2. Another small world tale from the AvN.

    I was in a bar with about 20 others that I'd invited from various times in my life/career.

    It turns out that an old familly friend, who is ex RMP SIB, had arrested the mates of another friend of mine attending (ex RE) years ago for something they'd done, and was silly enough to get caught for.
  3. who the fuck is CY
  4. Sorry. Thought the thread was about something else...

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  5. Close relative of KY, the water based lubricant.
  6. Never mind that, who the fuck is MA?
  7. My God, that's my uncle Jimbo, bastard owes me a fiver.
  8. He can only pay you back three at the moment, because he's a bit short.
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  9. Not the midget sex thread I was expecting.
  10. Good. I had a bad experience with midget sex once

    Sent from my electronic brick
  11. I had a cracking experience of a hand job and a blowy from a midget once. Your cock looks like a pringles tube with a hand grenade on top of it in their hands. Brilliant.
  12. X59

    X59 LE

    Bezzer of MA.
  13. Has he done any midgets? Filthy dirters they are.
  14. Pictures! Or it never happened. You know the drill
  15. An RE is someone who wears the same capbadge as in your avat................. oops sorry ;-)
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