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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, May 20, 2012.

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  1. I know it is possible to buy water bottles that fit in to 3x30rd mag pouches but can you buy them that will fit in to3x20rd mag pouches?
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  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I think its arktis did an ammo pouch bottle, I've got a couple somewhere.

    just use a screw top container. 90p from morrisons.
  3. Pouches AMMUNITION for the use of!
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    which is why they give you a flask cup now to make up for the 5 rounds per man wartime issue
  5. I'm looking to get some shorter ammo pouches made to carry 20 round M-16 mag pouches but like to carry water in my ammo pouches when not full of ammo. I know Arktis do a water bottle for the 30 round ammo pouches (I have a couple) but was wondering if anybody does any smaller bottles.
  6. Get a camelbak.

    Stop over thinking it.
  7. I've got a thing about theses pouches they fit just about any thing. High speed gear taco's

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  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Coors Lite, you puffter!
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  9. miller light???? closet or summat??
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oddly enough back on topic with 58 you could stick a spare waterbottle in each ammo pouch to make up the weight, one lad even tried to nick the weights for the webbing used at Porton Down, apparently the handle for his suitcase fell off. At SCBC we had some very thick but keen yorkshire lad who insisted on weighing webbing before breakfast whereas I insisted on weighing it afterwards when we had already bombed up for the days field firing. No point carrying weight back off the hill is there?
  11. When i first read this post it had wahhhhhh written all over it. I still call wahhhhhh on this!! I have a water bottle pouch that I keep a water bottle in, I also have ammo pouches that i keep my ammo in!!! what the hell use is a water bottle that size! one sip and its gone! waste of space and time!!!!! get a grip! PAH
  12. It's not my rig. I just lifted the pic of the interweb, I'm more of a lambrini guy.
  13. Water bottles to fit in these...