small Tanks

This was posted on Feckbook by a hero of the revolution who posts on ARRSE.

Does anyone know anything about them?

Just saw this. Young Pioneers from the German Democratic Republic.
Now who says the Communists did not know how to let their kids have a few good toys to play with?
Now the question is, they are T-55's or T-62's?



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it looks to be an experiment between the pershing/m60/t55

must have an autoloader as well. crafty those germans you assume that it was far away and not just a little tank.

Your all wrong. Those east Germans were big bastards.
is that a 20mm gun on there? wonder if it was serviceable?
Pedal or motor powered I wonder?
If motor powered I want! The kids will have to wait their turn :)
It seems someone is still doing them (or something like them):

Found them!!



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der kinderkriegpanzer
Haven't seen the film before, though I've used the photo a couple of times. It's the Freie Deutsche Jugend to give them their proper name, filmed in 1977.

I think the tanks had Trabant engines in them.
The excellent magazine site has details of these mini tanks on it's NVA section (Edition 4)
The young pioneers paraded 6 vehs in Dresden during 1981. 2x T54, 1x SU85, T34/85, T34/76, ISU 122
The best I got to play with as an army cadet in the early 70's was a Lee Enfield No4 and Bren Gun!! NVA4%202.jpg

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