Small size Osprey & plates

Hello folks,

A close female relative of mine is being deployed to Afganistan soon. She's collected all her kit except her body armour. The stores aren't even sure they will be able to get it to her before she gets sent off - apparently she is an odd size (small).

Does anyone have any advice on how to make sure she gets her armour before she deploys? I'm really worried about her :(

I guess it depends on the unit deploying with as I got mine when I arrived in Bastion, she will definitely get some though so I shouldn't worry
She can not get on the plane without some form of body armour and the only way she is allowed out of bastion is with osprey if traveling is required for her job.

I would not worry about her not getting issued it.

Mark The Convict

IB, the MoD will be bound by some sort of legal requirement in that regard; here it's called 'Duty of Care' and/or 'Occ. Health & Safety'. They'll make sure she gets whatever kit she's supposed to, if only to cover their own arses against a lawsuit.
Due to fielding issues she may have to fly in ECBA which is a min requirement but prior to RSOI she should get Osprey at Camp Bastion. She will not be the first small size that they would have dealt with and as mentioned earlier there is a duty of care to provide adequate protection role dependant.

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