Small Reliable Car.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by allyjs, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Evening Gents,

    I'm looking for a small, RELIABLE, secondhand hatchback car.

    Any suggestions?

    I can't have anything with a large engine otherwise my insurance will be astronomical as i'm only young. Also looking for something between £2000-3000.


  2. Ford fiesta 1.1 or similar. Or try looking for a Turbo diesel, my first car was a peugeot 306 DTurbo, looked like a GTI but with much cheaper insurance.
  3. Have considered a diesel *with minor shudder*. How was the Peugeot you had for reliability?
  4. allyjs - was going to suggest any turbo-diesel hatch but the Fiesta 1.4 TDCI ain't about for less than 3k yet (real life 60 mpg, knocks spots off other cars up to 45 mph if there's only you aboard).

    If you're a bloke under 21, you need a girl's name and address for named driver on your insurance, lots of companies offer this. Might be an extra driver but knock's £100's off total premium. My lads 'used' a girl from down the road, so to speak, she was the first girl they knew to get a full licence. She didn't get to drive their cars though.

    Also, if you're good mates with a crowd, it's worth considering getting one of the girls in the crowd through her test early by the lads clubbing together for extra lessons for her.

    For your information ........................ MK
  5. Nowt wrong with modern diesels. The Volkswagen TDis are brilliant.

    Peugot 205 would be cheap I should think. Very popular in the rural community round here so they must be reliable.
    here are some examples.
    Lots more here:

    For that money you can't go too far wrong really but take someone who knows a bit about motors to check for badly repaired crash damage etc. Otherwise, perfectly good runabout and spend your hard earned cash on something more interesting!

    Steer clear of the GTi models for insurance reasons.
  6. Cant knock them, cracking little car and very reliable. I've got one which is 13 years old and it's a good little runner. Put it this way, I'd have no hesitation in driving it over to Germany tomorrow.
  7. Thats interesting info cheers MK. My girlfriend has her test soon :1: so she'll be on the insurance. I've also done the pass plus driving course so that should help bring it down a bit.
  8. Cheers for the suggestion and tips so far guys. Youv've got to love the wealth of knowledge that is arrse.
  9. I'm running a Peugeot 306LD Estate , 1998, it's insurance class 4 and gives a good 50+mpg onm mixed driving. Nippy enough for me but not a sports car.+ loads of space fro luggage.
  10. Worth while stating what you are going to use it for. 1.2L no good for motorways etc.

    Price wise you may want to consider a small SEAT as a cut price VW. Small FIATs have a good rep and you can get a decent one for your pocket.

    Get on the net and search out info and if you see something you like find an online forum and ask members what the problems are. Example for SEAT here:

    I have a Cordoba 1.9TDI Vario Estate and fuel consumption is great - maybe engine a bit big for you and high on insurance but just an example.

    Don't spend a fortune and expect some minor bumps and bruises (to the motor) so don't spend a fortune etc.

    Good luck and let us know what you get hold of.
  11. flogging my wifes 1.1 p reg punto 67000 miles on the clock ,also anyone interested 1988 volvo 7 seat estate 140000miles only 1 previous pwner . im running out of room on my drive.
  12. Don't get me started on a punto. One of those is reason behind me starting this thread.

    FIAT- Fix It Again Tomorrow , as i've learnt to my cost.
  13. Good point. I mainly use my current car for around town but at weekends, I'm often driving around East Anglia and in the summer I drive down to,and, around corwall.