Small question...

Ususally, my webbing setup had 3 waterbottle pouches around back, and a double ammo on each side.

A mate of mine recently gave me a spare waterbottle pouch, and i went to put it on my webbing, but found it difficult as theres no way of fitting them all on without leaving some large gaps at the back (seeming they r all waterbottle pouches, they have the flap which means they cant go over the two metal rings on the belt). What have you lot done to solve this??

cheers all, james
You can use a utility pouch instead of a water bottle pouch in the centre of the belt then build around this. Instead of using the loops on the belt for the yoke you use the buckles of the utility pouch the same as you do with your ammo pouches
To get four pouches round the back you can either cut two small slits in the padding of the waterbottle pouch attachments and feed the metal buckles through (I've done this for the purposes of fitting a hip pad) or you can swap in two utility pouches and use them at the back, threading the yoke through the outermost buckles.

Hope that helps.
thanks windy, strange how i never thought of doing this myself. With the utilitys, are you meant to be able to fit the two metal rings on the belt in-between the two velcro straps on the back of the utility, coz i can't seem to.

cheers, James
No worries. One of the belt loops should sit between the velcro fasteners of one utility pouch, and the other loop, between the fasteners of the second pouch. That way you know you have everything symmetrical.

I tend to thread the yoke straps through the buckles on the pouches them selves as it keeps everything flsatter against your back.

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