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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by afs2006, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to bother you about this but I need a bit of advice.
    I have recently been posted and my new Bn are overseas at the mo so there are no pay staff available to answer questions.

    The first problem is that I am due to be admitted in to hospital for five days in Queens Square, London. The hospital actually stick you in a hotel for BandB but I have to be at the hospital for 8am but I live up North. Can I get a hotel room through the system for the Sunday night?

    Secondly, I will be discharged at tea time on the Friday and due to being graded P-zero (whatever that means!!!) and working restricted hours, can I get accommodation for the Friday night as well. (through the system) ?

    Finally, can I claim for evening meal and other expenses through that period? If so, can i get it before hand?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Use JPA to do all the above, and you can ask for a advance of pay.

    Or Pay for it yourself and keep all reciepts and claim it back when returning
  3. When I was in, I was downgraded to P-7, due to a leg broken in 4 places, so I should imagine that P-0 would mean only fit to breathe and nothing else as P-7 was no drill, marching, parade, and PT, and being left on rear party for two years( what a bummer, Regt went all over the place and I was left behind all the time)
  4. P-zero means unfit for duty.

    Note that if you ask for an advance of pay for your hotel and living expenses, they will probably take it all back in one go, so make sure you submit your claim as soon as you get back.

    Is your medical centre not helping you with the arrangements for your hospital admission?
  5. Why will they take it back?
  6. Usually, when you stay in hotel accommodation and incur expenses for meals etc., you have to pay for it yourself and then put in a claim to get the money back. However, as it might be a substantial amount, you can ask for an advance of pay. An advance of pay always has to be paid back, hence the need for you to submit your claim soonest so that APC can give you the money back again! The system doesn't know that the advance of pay is being taken against your expenses.

    It sounds absurd, but it happened to my other half fairly recently after going into hospital the day after a month-long residential course during which she was in a hotel - the first she knew was when no money was paid into her account on payday - the system doesn't take into account that after surgery an individual may go on sick leave and not be in a position to submit a claim promptly. In her case, the Chf Clk was excellent and did it for her - it took him two hours to input all the receipts!

    One of the RHQ board pay gurus can probably explain it better and provide references, but that's how I saw it.
  7. That makes sense VB, thanks.
  8. You claim on JPA using NS (Nightly Subsistance) for the Hotel Actual's, after you have obtained a Certificate of Non Availiability (Military Accom) from LONDIST, then your RAO would book you a Hotel through the CHBS (Central Hotel Booking Scheme), you will require the Reference to claim NS, for meals you will need to keep reciepts and claim on JPA as DS (Daily Subsistance), this is caped at £21.90 per day, more than enough to feed yourself, remember to also claim I.E (Incidental Expenses) at £5.00 per day, and no need for reciepts, this is for Laundry, Telephone Calls and Newspapers, all of this can be advanced through JPA, however, it will be taken from your Pay after 30 days, if you put your claim in prior it will be taken from that.

    I thought that the lowest Med Cat whilst serving is P7, P8 being discharge? the highest someone can be is P2, WTF is P Zero.
  9. P zero - unfit all duties. It's used for patients who are otherwise difficult to grade - for example, when it's not yet appropriate to carry out a full assessment. It should also prevent people being pinged for deployment or posting. Most units don't seem to know what 'unfit all duties' means either - hence afs2006 'working restricted hours', and my other half presenting her P zero chit to the CO and being told 'they must mean P3 - back to work on Monday.'

    The new grading system that is going to be introduced shortly should help to make things a bit clearer.
  10. Oh, thanks for clearing that up, you learn something new on here every day.
  11. Just to let you know that wef 01 Nov 07 Hotel Bookings will no longer go through the CHBS, they will now go through the Defence Hotel Reservation Service (DHRS) Tel 0844 848 4422, bookings already made will be honoured by Expotel 01 - 30 Nov 07, after 30 Nov 07 legacy bookings must be changed through HRG.

    In addition the whole travel booking system will change wef 17 Dec 07 (EBIS).