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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Desborough, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. I go to my local careers office every 2 weeks to check on my losing weight. Not far of my BMI Now :)

    I've achieved shin splints in the last 6 days. (taken a while to get on), My next check up is on Tuesday.

    And i haven't obviously been able to get out. So no weight loss etc, i have been doing upper body strength so im not wasting time.

    But will i get a bollocking for not losing anything.?

    Or will it be a case of we understand now keep your mind set on the goal.

    Cheers Lads :)
  2. Doubt you'll get into any trouble, just tell them the problem and I'm sure they'll understand.
  3. K thanks Mate 8)
  4. Most recruits in basic training start getting shin splints, you just have to keep applying plasters and antisceptic until you get used to it, if you moan about it to an instructor in basic yes you will get told to politely stfu and tab it out.
  5. Are you going for RAMC?

    Shin Splints

    Edited to add the Wiki Page and to shake my head repeatedly wondering if this is real, or have I slipped into a vortex).
  6. Eh? Fancy explaining to us what shin splints are?
  7. Perhaps you should apply the antisceptic to the PTI; then they might believe you.
  8. bidum tish! How's the veil?
  9. totally cut carbs for a week and you can loose up to 8lb in water renetion in muscles