Small Price to Pay??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. just for research purposes, of course,, go to:

    they have items of ' intimate apparel ' that can't be more than a one inch square of fabric.. for this miniscule scrap of cloth they expect people to cough up , at a minimum, some $ 45.00 ..WTF??

    coughing up a chunk of cash like that for something you can't even blow your nose on? that isn't going to stay on the women more than ten seconds when you -um - get down to it?

    Hell, it costs almost as much as a box of popcorn at the movies!!!
  2. 10 seconds... Suggest you try mind control exercises / viagra :D

    Whatever happened to putting the music on & letting her give you a little show beforehand? :D

    Spending a couple of hundred on some good lingerie for the missus seems a good investment to me if I get instant access to
    a) her backdoors;
    b) a bj on request when I'm watching the footie/cricket/waking up/anywhere; and
    c) stops her moaning I never buy her owt for b'days / xmas / anniversaries... :D

  3. Rocketeer,

    Quality costs unfortunately! Never has so much been done with so little material!

    May I suggest for those who like their partners to wear next to fcuk all on the beach. Of course, hippocrocadillapigs shouldn't be allowed to purchase anything from this website.