Small Potatoes delivered too late.. but thanks...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. Well, nothing shakes up the ol' political spirit of giving like a minority government trying to stay in power and stave off elections..

    seems our Mr. dithers Paul martin has decided to cough up on, at least, one promise.. and Canadian military is in line for an additional $ 13 Billion over the next 5 years to help it hold its head up in the international circuit...

    pay raises [ finally ] and some new goodies, plus some cash to buy bullets and put gas in the jet fighters...

    every little bit helps, they say...
  2. How much does Canada spend on its armed forces?
  3. Army:
    short answer is not nearly enough..
    We rank just one slot above Luxembourg in spending on the military.. less than 2% of GNP...
    compare that to the top two spenders the US and China [ last year coughed up $ 95 Billion US ] and is in a buying/developing frenzy which is scaring America and Japan in particular.
  4. Right now we spend about $11-13 Billion Canadian a year. That works out to about 5 Billion pounds or $8-10 Billion US. So, $13 Billion over five years sounds great, but it is for projects that have been promised time and again for the last 12 years (Sea King helicopter replacements, anyone?). The government just keeps re-announcing the same spliff over and over. I wouldn't be surprised that that amount includes the purchase of the Upholder class subs from the UK.

    But, fortunately the PM and HEGG get to flit about in the nicest of jets. THAT is what really matters to the boys in the boots.
  5. It's just more smoke and mirrors.

    nicest of jets? did they paint and upholster the 707s? :lol:
  6. and, as expected, the government dealt from the bottom of the deck..

    $ 500 million gets spent up front to plug the leaks/holes [ just barely ] but not enough for new wallpaper [ or, maybe, we're just getting enough to buy wallpaper to cover over the holes/leaks ]..... with the balance of the, now official, $ 12.8 billion not to be doled out until the years 2008-9 and 2009-10..long after the Paul Martin Liberals have been kicked out of office in the next election, thus freeing up the new regime to decide that their priorities have changed and the money never makes it out of the bank and into the military's pocket...

    Guess the Good Padre won't be getting new batteries fro her pager after all..
  7. Howdy RCSigs,

    Nah, they binned the 707s years ago. Back about 1997 or so, PM Jean "Really, it's my money, not yours" Chretien ordered DND to blast a few mil away to buy a set of Challenger VIP jets for his and HEGG's use. The bucks for purchase and maintenance come from DND, but the direction for use usually came from the PMO/Chancellery with DND being allowed to occasionally use our own jets.

    I apologize if my bitterness is showing, but my CADPAT is too threadbare to cover it (or much else) up anymore.
  8. Damn, they could have sqeezed at least ten more years out of the 707s :wink:

    At least they replaced them with another large rapidly configurable cargo/passenger airlift ac :roll:
  9. They do have to make up for all the extra money spent in those mass unit moves, Build up of bases like Edmonton, closure of bases like Chilliwack, where millions were already being spent to build up the base, build new facilities which were almost completed, etc etc.

    Would this be the wiccan Padre?
  10. RC:
    some days she seriously considers ' converting '..

    Wife outranks me [ don't all wives outrank husbands??] she is Major and Brigade Chaplain for 32CBG/ oversees 17 Regiments and support units plus 5 cadet camps - Senior Female Chaplain in the CF Land Forces

    which means she can bring down lightning bolts from above on any who cross her..[ and I still have some scorch marks that haven't healed..]
  11. Oh man, You are indeed close to Godot

    check six, over
  12. Just got a CANFORGEN in that advises the newly announced pay raises can't be delivered when promised - 31 Mar 05. They now must wait until 15 Apr 05. Not a biggie, but this is the sixth time they've promised the same pay raise, starting from January last year. Someone at NDHQ needs to pull their head out of their a** and figure out whether they're shot, burnt, f*cked or p*ssed on.
  13. There are too many of them. Falling over each other, going to "just say NO" seminars, and talking themselves up when they think the "Boss" is about.

    They should all be fired, or sent to Afghanistan.
  14. The last career course I was on had a flopper from NDHQ as an instructor. We met him at the pub before the course started and we were all getting to know each other. We all swapped war stories, me about Gulf War I, CFS Alert and Bosnia, other folks about similar or other tours. Anyway, this flopper kept going on about his tour that was really tough, but he wouldn't elaborate much. We were more interested in the beer and wings, but he did seem a bit odd.

    The next day we reported in service dress with undress ribbons. Most folks had the usuals, Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, Alert, Gulf, various UN ribbons and such. This guy had his CD (12 years svc - good for him) and the UN HQ medal for serving at UN HQ New York. Yep, tough tour sitting in NYC, being paid Foreign Service Premium and getting an "accommodation allowance" for a swank apartment. But this guy was convinced that he had "done his time" and had served in hardship conditions.