Small penis contest - watch this to make you feel like a man

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy., May 18, 2007.

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  1. I think most women could watch that and feel like a man. How small does a c*ck have to get before it is classed as a clitoris :?

    I feel considerably horse-like in the genital area in comparison. :D
  2. We had a gunner in Cyprus with the regiment I wa sattached to who was so well hung he reckons that he went to se the MO one day and the MO said "W........T, you're the only man in the British army with bucking muscles". I don't know how true it was but he always said so .
  3. Now everybody's seen my C cup....damn....damn....damn!!!!!
  4. I have an amazingly small flacid penis, and a just below average erect penis.
    Im happy.
  5. I let the wife watch this and then told her how lucky she was to have me. She still laughed.
    Wonder why.
    Where's me pills?
  6. Amazes me how any of them can actually get any. The guy with the C cup apparently has had a girlfriend for 8 years, it won't even touch the sides.

    Also noticed a distinct lack of black men in the contest, what they say must be true then.
  7. That is proper fcuked up. We all have problems with cold water or maybe nerves, but them guys are proper screwed. Fair play to them for attempting to get them out for an audience, that showed balls, even if the deed itself didn't.
  8. That was just plain scary! I agree that they must have balls to do it though!
  9. I think there is a technical term for that - it's micro penis. How unlucky was the dude who also lost a bollock? Seriously what's the point of going on??
  10. Their must be some serious technical issues for "getting it on" for the fat blokes. You can just about figure out how some skinny blokes could get away with it, but most of them seriously. Even if they didn't have that problem how does it extend past the blubber?
  11. Mine did too? Heartless bitch.
    Anyway, How do you make a woman cum? Who gives a f@*K
  12. I met a bloke recently who was in a bike accident and lost half of his junior hammer. He was still sporting more than them cnuts and his missus hadn't left him.

    That'd just make you wanna cry every day!