Small observation on BFG

I have been in contact with several liaison officers from Bergen/Fallinbostel/ Paderborn lately.

What struck me was that each of them spoke excellent german. Respects for that, I rarely found that amongst the US-army ;)
(none of my poc with the US in Grafenwöhr spoke a word of german)
Jolly good, well done!

Mit freundlichen grussen!

There is a simple reason for that. The Americans take America with them wherever they go. It is quite possible to be delpoyed with the US Army to almost any country in the world and never have to exchange any dollars into local currency, eat local food or speak a word of the local language. Add to that the fact that Americans have always traditionally believed that all you need to do is talk louder and slower to get the natives to understand.

Now, if you were Spanish, you would find a large part of the US Army could speak to you fluently (albeit with a slightly strange accent and some occasionally unfamiliar terminology).

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