Small JPA training question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by slimjim, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi silly question, I'm just about to do my JPA training via, I've clicked the link "JPA Self Service E-Learning" and been greeted with the following screen


    I was worried about the date and wondered if it's the right place, the paso said I need to print a certificate off when I've finished...

  2. top tip your an employee just click next as fast as you can and print cert off at the end. Job done!
  3. Cheers for the heads up, I had heard the do it quick rumour!
  4. By the date, I presume you're talking about the expiry date "23 Oct 06" in the small print. I reckon just do it, print the certificate and hand over to your PSAO; we didn't do ours until sometime in 2007 so it was already well out of date by then.
  5. Cheers, I'll crack on then 8)
  6. Even faster , get a completed certificate, tippex out the name of the holder, insert own name , photocopy et Voila!

    Try not to write your name in Biro though.....

    Seriously though, take the time, go through the E-Learning course properly. You can boom through the bits that aren't TA relevant. Like most of it.

    We're being told that more and more use of JPA needs to happen, as frankly, the TA are being a tad resistant to change.

    I did suggest that one computer which takes aaaaaagggeees to boot, between 90 blokes of various computing ability from wizard to "Where's the keypad on this then" isn't really the way to get things progressed in a hurry but....
  7. Seriously just follow the advice and keep clicking next, you'll get nothing useful from doing the course properly.

    Our DII room was used for the first time in months last night - to hold a troop meeting.

    Oddly next door soldiers were logging onto ArmyNet and RLI, DII passwords not been issued etc
  8. For my sins, my day job is largely concerned with Oracle Applications, upon which JPA is built (IIRC, so are most on-line shopping experiences incl. Amazon).

    Anyway, my point is that the future potential for JPA as a self service tool is huge so long as it is configured correctly. And, no - I had nothing to do with its current 'less than ideal' iteration. :(

    If anyone wants to employ me for JPA2 to fix all the shortcomings, happy to quote a daily rate... :D
  9. They let your Squaddies have IGS???

    As for D2 passwords, I'm told there is a backlog of catalog, they're working on February when last I asked.

    Which is great because it keeps the rush for the computer down to a minimum :roll:
  10. Actually you can't just click with the latest releases sadly.

    We've got 24 terminals I think, and the only ones ever used are the ones in the RAO..the rest are just collecting dust
  11. Sorry random question, can you lot see my avatar? Or is it just DII being gay to me..