Small help for Le Cateau Catterick - no money asked, but a vote would help

A well known firm of garden "paint and stuff" manufacturers are offering a primary school playground revamp.

A number of schools have applied, and the firm are using Facebook as the link - they do the playground job for the school who get the most "likes".

All you do if you feel Le Cateau Primary might be a good place for the money to be spent is to go to the firms page, press the "like", then on the row of photos that comes up click onto the "playground project" picture. Use the right hand arrow to move the pictures of the schools across, and some of you will recognise Le Cateau.
When you get to the Le Cateau picture, click on that like and your vote is counted.

Le Cateau were doing quite well, but one of the schools is now on Radio Scotland and grabbing the votes in, so.....

Ronseal UK | Facebook

If you want to check you get to the correct photo:
Ronseal UK's Photos - Ronseal Playground Project - 2011 Finalists | Facebook

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