Small gift for US officers

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by msr, Jul 3, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Dear All,

    I am off on the CIOR Language Academy 04 and will be working with some US officers.

    I was therefore wondering what would make a good gift to take them from the UK (and no, I won't be taking any marmite for them :wink: )

  2. Tony, Cherie, Claire, Gordon.......
    OOH the list is too long!!
  3. How about an AFV recognition book?
  4. The President's brain?
  5. Get them something celtic-that will always win them over!
  6. fish & chips, proper beer, a dictionary of the ENGLISH feckin language, a sense of irony, gun control - they love proper chocolate and gash badges from uniform etc too
  7. Most americans I have met seem to ask about tradition - books on the Queen/Royal Family, British military history, the English countryside, touristy things - Big Ben, The Tower of London etc should all go down well - particularly if they have lots of pictures.

    Alternatively a map of the world, pointing out where Great Britain is or a framed photo of Her Majesty to replace the picture of the president they are bound to have hanging up on the wall somewhere.
  8. Would you mind me asking you to drop off a parcel for Corporal?
    Smallish brown package, just nurses lace outfit, leather bondage gear and a few gadgets with batteries. Oh almost forgot, pink fluffy handcuffs and fishnet stockings........ :lol: 8)
  9. Thanks, but no thanks.
  10. An easy to read guide to tact, diplomacy and manners would not go amiss.
  11. You can keep that, too.
  12. I second that.
  13. Book on rules of engagement, world map color coded for ease always helps (might need to attach gps system to it aswell, oh and do program it for them).

    Do not give them:

    a. full strength beer
    b. live ammunition (unless u have left the building)
    c. Control of a Country.
    d. Tony Blairs phone number
  14. added, night vision accessories ........ soz :lol:
  15. Introduce them to some proper fecking English tea, for feck's sake! The swill which passes for tea here in the US could "gag a maggot"! :lol:

    A "Brit english-to-SPAM english" dictionary (if such exists) would be helpful in their education. For example:
    Lift = Elevator
    Lorry = Truck
    *Motorway* layby/flyover = *Interstate Highway* rest area/overpass

    A beret badge -- something bright and shiny -- is always a treat. :)