Small Consulting firm based London/Hampshire

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Insert_name_here, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Looking for jobless or soon to be jobless Arrsers who fancies a consulting/relationship management job based between London and Hampshire, earning c50k.

    We are a headhunting firm consisting mainly of ex-Army people, specialising in finding Marketing people for the growing UK internet industry. We work with pretty well all major online brands and have doubled revenue every year for the past three years. We have an excellent and hard won reputation built on integrity, doing what we say we will and not taking ourselves too seriously.

    This job is all about managing relationships with people so liking and understanding people is an important element to the job. We work hard to get results but as long as we're ahead of our game, we have a flexible approach with good work life balance.

    Ideally we are looking for a Lt/Captain/Major type, however, happy to consider anyone with great influencing/relationship skills capable of holding their own, junior or senior, NCO or Commissioned, male or female (women tend to do particularly well in this industry)

    If you're not teeth arm, be prepared to receive a bit of banter.

    Beringer Tame is an equal opportunities employer.

    No RAF
  2. No Crabs Priceless!!!!
  3. That is quite OK with me fella. Headhunters are there to place me, not so I can work for them on a commission-based wage.

    I hope the site mods are aware of this advertisment and due process has been followed. I'd hate to think that "a highly specialised recruitment and headhunting firm" were cheap.

  4. Cheap or not, their website doesn't comply with company law, which requires company registration number, place of registration and registered office address to be shown on their site.

    Maybe they should recruit an 'e-commerce professional' to help them get it right. :D

    I've pm'd the forum mod re this ad.
  5. Happy to give the benefit of the doubt but I found this website testimonial amusing:

    I should be so lucky.
  6. Hmmm, personally dubious of any company that would have an office in Aldermaston, land of the circular family tree and all that guff, besides which it is far to close to Basingdeath.

    A quick check with Companies House shows company incorporated in Aug '05, but they are not officially "Search & Selection" sounds surprisingly like another self start recruiter trying to work up the food chain to me.
  7. Cynics!

    Good point on website - new one is ready to launch in January so we will be compliant and also have much more info on there, with photo's of us rather than the corporate library images currently on display!

    I expected a bit of flak for this post but please suspend your immediate mistrust and scepticism - we're a normal bunch of ex-Army who want to keep it in the family and hire from this community - that's not a bad thing.