Small boy on the telephone

A call centre telephone operator calls a number and a small boy answers. The callers says "Is your Mummy at home?" The small boy replies in a whisper. "Yes, but she can't come to the phone." "How about your Daddy?" The boy replies again in a whisper. "He is here, but he can't come to the phone as he is busy." The caller responds by saying. "Is there anyone else at home?" The boy again replies in a whisper. "Yes a policeman and a lady policeman." The caller says. "Can one of them come to the phone then?" The small boy again whispers and says. "No, they are busy to." The caller then not wishing to give up says. "Apart from your Mummy and Daddy and the two police officers, is there anyone else there that I could speak to?" "Yes." answers the small boy again in a whisper, "There is a two Firemen and two Ambulance men and a Social Worker." The caller by now now intrigued said. "What are all these people doing at your home that makes them too busy to speak to me on the telephone?"
The little boy whispered back. "Looking for me!"

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