Small arms spares shortages

Discussion in 'REME' started by vampireuk, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. How many of you guys are struggling to get hold of simple spares lately for weapons? Current bone of contention is the sling loop screw for the L85, got lord knows how many weapons off the road due to that little bit of metal. Time to break out the gaffa tape? :?
  2. If some James Hunt hadn't made the bright decision to send your machy truck to your 'supporting' REME Cluster Fcuk, sorry Battalion, you might be able to make a new screw.

    Refurbish a fcuked one FFS; what was all that time in Gen Eng Wing all for?

    On the other hand you could be content with passing the problem onto the IPT and just shrug your shoulders and say fcuk it.

    Make an informed decision, what are the implications on Functioning, Accuracy and Safety? For you to have 'manufactured' a suitable replacement and fitted it the implications are negiligible.
  3. Get a screw fix catalogue - order some that fit/modify them - send the bill to the BEME! :)

    Have you;

    Shoved it up the ES chain?
    Raised the issue at an armourers conference?
    Phoned nearby units armourers?
    Phoned Bordon to see if they can send you a Red Cross parcel with some in.
    Email the manufacturers to see what the fooking delay is? :twisted:
    Are you an armourer??? GO FUKCING STEAL SOME!

    (Failing that - ask your mum - she might hear your plight!)

    As See You Next Tuesday suggests; Make some! It's not that hard.
  4. Sling loop screws? Got 'kin loads im my little armoury.

    No - you can't have them :p
  5. We have bugger all, not even fcuked ones. The lads keep sodding losing them! As for making them we don't have the facilities to do so, other units around seem to be having problems getting the buggers through too.

    Are you sure I can't have em? :)

    Now that could be a winning idea there. :)

  6. Get a grip you prick!! My bold, they may be needed on opoerations, the things you don't do you frikking maggot , if you have em send them to him!!
  7. No no we are back at the barracks these days but apparently having the weapons off the road due to such simple things are really starting to annoy certain people. Unfortunately this brings up a connundrum as I do enjoy fixing weapons but I also enjoy winding people up to the point where they want to shoot somebody, and since their weapons are U/S....welll you can see the vicious circle of fun here. :)
  8. Fcuking hell, calm down dude and take a breath. As it happens I'm on ops myself at the moment and I have about 20 spare in my little far away armoury. Only been here a month and this is the first time I've worked Small arms for about 6 years so it's not like I've been hoarding them for years because I'm a jack twat.

    If I did send them back they'd probably sit on the shelves in Donington for the next 15 years....
  9. May be needed on operations? Then they should be available through the system. If on operations and you need one, then you use the ones you've swapped for the LLM screws and order/re-order/chase up your original demand.

    Ask the numpty who lost it to go and have another look for it, if he can't find it, then tell him to come back, with his boss, so you can explain to both of them why they are a riffle and man down. (This works very well on most occasions.)

    If you still have no joy after;

    Demanding spares
    Stealing spares
    Making spares/asking workshops to make them
    Swiping parts off of U/S equipment

    Then order the next item up! This will most certainly get some arrses into gear.
  10. Oops, sorry about that, Warsteiner rageometer in over drive, I take it all back.
  11. Keep taking the pills! :)

    Don't take it back! There's always room for a good rant on here mate!
  12. No worries - we've all been there!

    Just try and keep your ranting for when you're sober ;)
  13. Now where's the fun in that!?! :D
  14. When do you ever have enough of the right stuff? We've got no muzzle covers, but about four hundred plastic caps for the bottom of the pistol grip. I think the army expects you to know the proverbial "bloke called Dave" who'll have a few lying about...
  15. Pistol grip inserts you say, I'll take em! As for muzzle covers we have never seemed to have enough of those and they only get placed on a weapon here when it has a fault with it. Given up trying to put weapons back into the racks with muzzle covers on since the following day I get asked for a bucket load of job numbers.