Small Arms Range - Menston

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Jacques_Bustard, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Wandering off the beaten track on the weekend I stumbled across an old small arms range in West Yorkshire on Hawksworth Moor near Menston. Clearly its not been used for many years however the butts are still in place as are the firing points and what I think may have been a moving target range. Shed loads of mangled spent rounds in the gravel bank behind. Does anyone remember this place or when it was last used and by which units?
  2. Doing a Google search brings up something about Farnley camp seems the range was there in WW1
  3. Yep shot there as a cadet in the early eightys. I seem to remember it been bl00dy windy and wet. It was very handy as it was less than an hour on a 4 tonner from our detachment in Batlley.

    is this the badger?

  4. Yep thats the one. Some of the spent rounds I saw were large calibre, did they let the cadets fire an M2?!! (if so I'm going to enlist)
  5. only theses :)