Smacking kids - thoughts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k613, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. I was listening to a programme on Radio 5 on Sat about a law concerning the smacking of kids and how it will be outlawed even in the home some time in the near future. Not that I am advocating beating kids within an inch of their lives, but just wondered what fellow ARRSErs views were, being a well balanced and representative section of society.

    Additionally, what methods do you use to discipline naughty kids??

    Before any body gets funny, yes I have kids and I'm not being a deviant!
  2. I don't believe in smacking children.

    To my mind, if you hit a child it only shows you have lost control of your own emotions.

    Things like removal of toys/privileges etc or being sent to sit on the step work effectively, without needing to resort to hitting.

    I have smacked my child once and felt horrible for doing it, so never have again. In fact, I would even go so far as to say he is a better disciplined for me not smacking him and is a generally nice kid. He knows hitting is wrong and doesn't do it to others either.
  3. I don't give a shit about some grubby do-gooders telling me I can't smack the boy. It works, and he knows his boundaries because of it. Example:

    We've got a fire with that fake coal stuff in it. He used to wander over and try and eat it. We disciplined him in stages.

    Stage 1: Tell him no, move him away from fire. Repeat a few times.
    Stage 2: Tap on the hand, tell him no and move away from fire. Repeat a few times.
    Stag 3: Smack his arrse.

    result: He dosen't go near the fire. On the few occasions that he has a quick shout of his name (to get his attention) and saying no, means he moves away. Job done.

    My other method is to put him in his cot with no toys if he's being a turd. He screams a bit, I go back 10 minutes later. We have a discussion about it and then he (generally) behaves afterwards.
  4. How will the government and Police enforce this 'Law'. They can't even sort out basic protection measures like stopping perverts interfering with them so a tap on the back of the legs is probably well out of their ability.
  5. It's all about establishing boundaries and both parent and child remaining within them. You have to be a parent to your child not a friend. Perhaps shouting at them is as bad as hitting them?
  6. If your kid is still in a COT, how the fcuk can you have a "discussion" with him?
  7. To be fair he is 24 and should know better eh?
  8. There is never ever a situation in life that merits giving children smack.....unless they pay good money for it of course.
  9. There is absolutely no excuse or need for physical abuse of your children.

    I've always found that psychological cruelty is far more effective..
  10. All of the peace loving hippies who gob off about not smacking kids would rather criminalise parents who are bringing their kids up in a decent manner to try and create a decent adult!

    I smack my kids but only as a last resort and I certainly don't enjoy doing it. They know their boundaries and the threat of a smack works wonders especially when backed up with the naughty step etcetera. However I have discovered that cash is king and for kids of certain ages the threat of no pocket money does wonders, especially when they see their siblings buying their own treats while they've got nothing!
  11. What about smacking rioting stone throwing kids? :)
  12. Smacking a child has to be the last resort, and shouldn't be excessive. there are times when mini miss has tried to run into the road, or poke the dogs eyes as a couple of examples. telling her 'NO' at almost 3 yrs old sometimes has the opposite effect and makes her want to do it more. A tap on the wrist has been used on her (not walloping her with a brick ffs). lots of tears ensue and a promise from her to be a good girl.
    Usually the removal of toys, sitting on the naughty step, no sweets etc is enough, but sometimes - just sometimes those things don't work.

    edited to add - often the threat has been enough to sort things out, then we can explain why poking the dog in the eyes is bad etc. then its all back to normal again.
  13. As a comedian (Jeremy Hardy I think) said
    " I don't know why people smack their children, humiliating them is so much more permanent!"
  14. Not everyone who disagrees with smacking their kids are hippies ffs

    Perhaps there are some of us who can find alternative ways to effectively discipline our children without resorting to walloping them.
  15. I agree with Moodybitch, smacking a child is not the only effective way of disciplining a child. There are other equally effective ways, they just need to be thought out beforehand.