SM interview at AFCO - a few queries.

Hallo fine chaps and chappettes of Arrse,
I've got a second interview on Monday at my local AFCO, and have a few things on my mind. Any assistance you can lend will be much appreciated.

1) I will be interviewed by the "Sergeant Major", having already had my interview with the Sergeant. This means that he will be a WO2, am I correct? How should I address him? Is it the full "Sergeant Major (Name)", or will "Sir" suffice?

2) What's the ideal length for an Ice Breaker? As I understand it, the SM will be expecting to hear it. Mine is at about 2 minutes, give or take. I've covered all the questions on the list given to me by the Sergeant, but is there anything else that's good to throw in?

3) At selection, will I be able to have a laugh with the staff, or should I simply be steely-eyed and quietly obedient? Is it good to be seen to be humorous with the fellow applicants?

4) Are we issued kit for selection, or do we run and excersize etc in our own stuff?

Sorry if they're mong questions.
1. Call him 'sarge', he'll love that :roll:

2. Whoever told you that the sergeant major wants to hear your icebreaker is having you on.

3. Haven't been yet, check out my thread :x

4. No, you wear your own stuff.

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