The nominations are out for the 'catch up' OP MI Manager in Feb 06. Do any of you chaps you have completed it recently have any tips for pre course reading? I understand that AGAI 67 features heavily and is worth boning up on. Anything else?, map reading etc?
Yes, thanks for that. Ceiling Reached..mmmm.
I would say make sure you can pass a BCFT, but even that doesn't seem to be a requirement anymore!

Other than that, be up to date with your WHT's and NBC. Be able to pass a basic map reading test. And finally enjoy the course. Did mine two years ago and actually enjoyed it.




Did the last one - and the vast majority of it is pointless b()llocks - sorry i cant be more constructive. Just get it done, and get it over with - same advice as Eye Spy and no, it appears that you dont have to pass the BCFT to pass it anymore :evil:
Did mine many years ago when first got to Chicksands. It was like selection. Glad you lot had it easy..LOL
turn up and enjoy - its a course for passing thats all. makes sure the mils skills side is up to date and you are away. they actually do treat you like an adult which was more than a welcome surprise for me i can tell you. plenty of time for the booze up side of life as well

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