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A new protest movement sparked by a policeman's ill-judged advice to women students to "avoid dressing like sluts" has taken root in the US and Canada.

Thousands of people - some dressed in jeans, others more provocatively - are taking part in marches, or "SlutWalks".

The aim, say organisers, is to highlight a culture in which the victim rather than rapist or abuser is blamed
BBC News - 'SlutWalk' marches sparked by Toronto officer's remarks

I've got news for them, they've been doing this in Newcastle for years.
American birds are taking over the campaign, it seems... such is the American appetite for victimhood that they are fast losing interest in anything except being raped and then marching up and down to advertise the fact.

DIGNITY????? FFS... where?
(unless 'DIGNITY', stands for ''Doughnut Injesting Giant Nutter,Is Totallly Yucky''
Far too early to get the dictionary out, and find a 'witty Y'!!!

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