I get slugs come in to my flat at night and can't work out where the **** they come from or how o could stop them. Any ideas ?


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sentry guns like in Aliens. **nods**
Slug pellets or some salt should stop the fkrs. I know they're homeless snails like but taking root in your flat! wtf!!!
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spray saline and orange solution is your friend. did it all over my house, and never had an issue since. Do it once a month and it also helps with daddy longlegs, ants and spiders


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Grenades. Definitely grenades. One or two grenades and you'll not be troubled by the pesky blighters breaking and entering ever again.
Follow the trails to see where there are coming in from a put a dose of salt down across it and this tends to stop them as they have an aversion to salt on the basis that it makes them melt and turn inside out.

That is unless you are my dear old mum, who used to have quite a bad slug problem so went out and bought a "bug eyed snail gnome" type of thing and put it in her living room and has never had a single slug trail in her house since. I swear blind that it has to be coincidence, but she says that she read in a magazine somewhere that they won't enter an area where they can see a predator hence her funny snail.
The big orange ones are great for catching Carp...
Catch some(not too hard) and then put salt down.
If she wants to get in she will. You cannot defend against both her and the one eyed land shark.

Just pucker up and except that you will taste salt and slime.

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I'm fortunate this year as there are loads of hedgepigs here.
I saw one in my front garden about three weeks ago and it is the first one that I have seen this year. We have a family of foxes at the top of the road and although quite well fed by a few of the neighbours, I have always put the lack of hedgehogs down to them keeping the population in check, as we have a lot of slugs and snails here.

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Turn all the gas valves on full before you go out for the day. Strike a match on your return. Job done.
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