Sluggy's Memorial Fantasy League 2019 - 2020

The Fantasy league is open for the New Season, for last years members I believe that you can just renew your league from last year, I don't see the entry codes for new players so I have contacted FPL to find out where I can find the codes to join. I will update when they get back to me.

A few posts will follow with the Rules, Regs, and Tips on how to play.

If you do join could you post a reply with your Team or Manager Name just for the FYI's etc. Thanks.

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THE CODE TO JOIN IS: League code: 9rtti0
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Basically, after you register on the FPL Site:

You get £100 million to select a squad of 15 players - as in 6 defenders, 6 midfielders and 3 forwards.

Prior to a Game Week (GW) you select a squad of 11 and the remaining 4 players are your bench bummers. Players score points for scoring, assists, defending, passes completed, passes stopped, and saves. There are also points added, or taken away depending on what the useless idiots do on the field, these Bonus points are finalized at the end of the game week.

At the end of that GW you can keep your team intact and save a free transfer for the following week and get 2 free transfers or use the free 1 to swap out a duffer. There is a max of two for any given week so you cannot build up 3 or more for example.

TBC later.


I'm in. Unseen Academicals. Aiming to give Snail the run of her life for last place :p

Now, where's that bloody Librarian gone with the Goalie Gloves?!

no f in beer

I think i have joined

Slightly Athletic
I am currently on my holibobs, but I shall return next week to commence the defence of my title.

Aiming for mid-table obscurity!
I am currently on my holibobs, but I shall return next week to commence the defence of my title.

Aiming for mid-table obscurity!
and obviously keeping your mums high ranking status as well - upon pain of death if you don't :)

p:s I haven't heard Holibobs since I lived in England, it made me laugh-cheers. Enjoy your holibobs.
I'm in and hoping for an improvement on last season.
Think I`m in......not leaving it till the last minute like last time! Had a crappy start, interesting mid season and then a shitty finish.....pretty much like the team I support.

Good luck to all.
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RacingUnitedCityFC are in & ready to be a bit player against others with decent football knowledge!
Mamager Line up so far + Crusty Rusty when he shows up (late).

I'm not seeing Sluggy btw Mr Blighty Mighty.
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