Sluggy's funeral

Will you be attending Angela Barber's cremation in Darlington on Tuesday 19 November

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I've put this in Current Affairs, because it's very current and an affair dear to the heart of everyone on Arrse. Crayons will not be tolerated and I expect ban hammers to be wielded.

I've had a request indirectly from Sluggy's brother, Dave, for whom I know many of you have donated copious amounts to the RNLI (and donations are being taken in Sluggy's memory on the sticky thread in the Int Cell. Dig deep). Details of date, time, location are at the head of that thread. For those too idle to find it. it's here:

For those who cant't find the details in the first post, they're here:

It's Monday. Anyone who plans to go to the cremation on Tuesday ought to know by Friday. Therefore after close of business Friday, I'll post a headcount on Ang's Facebook page.

Edit. Anyone planning on bringing significant others (one or more) please indicate in a reply how many of you are attending. Cremation and/or wake. Thank you.
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Depends who wants to pick me up enroute.

St.Helens btw
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plus 1. Service and Sandwiches
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Will be there for both cremation and wake.
Stuck at work, please give my regards.


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I won't be there @AlienFTM I'm sorry to say but at 2.45pm on 19/11/2019 I will be thinking of Ang/The Snail, and they will be good thoughts!
Sadly I am attending a funeral of an old friend in our village. Please pass on my regards. Prayers for a peaceful, riotous, sad, fun, booze n butty fuelled day to commemorate Angela (The Sluggy) as she would want to be remembered.
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Work is sending me 'Down South' next week sadly so I won't be able to attend. Thoughts and best wishes to those who go and to her family from Squeakerland.

Come pay day I'll sling some pennies RNLI way in her memory.
Sadly Stuck in Scotland.
Please pass on my respects.
I will raise a glass of pink wine in salutation at 14:45 on the 19th.


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Unfortunately unable to attend, but my thoughts will go with anyone who wishes to take them. At 1445 on the day in question, I will bow my head and say a prayer to Ange.
You will always be a legend on ARRSE Sluggy!


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I will attend if I can. Faint ,remote poss of work otherwise I'll be there.


I'll be there.

In my morphine confused state, I've just realised I've already told @AlienFTM . Sorry for the confusion.

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