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Sluggy beats us all



Let me know when it's saithe to return to this thread, chaps.

Until then...


Book Reviewer
You said that on porpoise, I'll just fire up a roach and relax, brill!
For Cod's sake! Stop floundering, I've haddock to the gills with all this carp!
The poor Slug has to watch this Koi crap up in heaven with the Angels
I like that. (No, I'm not Westpoint).

Piscine in the wind. Piscine on his chips.

Very promising.
I remember watching something a couple of years ago, something like A Year In The Highlands. They looked at how wild beavers were thriving on Japanese Knotweed. Unfortunately, rather than suppressing it, they were spreading the seeds downstream in their spoor.

So there you go, Jock, eat Beaver sh¡t.

Memo to self. Need a goldfish carp crap.
Japanese Knotweed doesn't form viable seed in the UK spreads by rhizomes and cuttings, are you sure it wasn't giant hogweed.