Sluggy beats us all

I hope someone isn't listening as I got some cardboard picked it up and threw it onto the grass somewhere

So I think I'm fairly safe, as I didn't get any harsh fonts or face slicing as a response
Give it a few hours for it to get back in your house.
Which wouldn't be note worthy but for the slug sitting on top of the post
Flick him off your post unless you like your post being slimed. :? You can tell Sluggy that a big boy told you to do that and he ran away. :-D :pirat:
Salt for your chips and copper tape for the bottom of your trousers to stop her slithering up your leg to slice your knackers off? :D
All around the door frames and windows.

Not being funny, the Alien has probably demoted Ripley to 2nd place and is shitting a brick about the Mad bitch with Pink wine and a pizza cutter wanting to see if its got anh Haribo's.
I'm safe for now, Kitty is waiting for me to go to sleep, no slugs are go to face slice me tonight

The cat technically being my owner, is renowned for clawing anything that displeases it


War Hero
The Snail's only been gone five minutes and already standards are dropping.....

Pardon ME, Miss Queen! Due courtesies were paid on meeting, but you were unobservant. Or I was too runty to catch your gaze.......

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