Sluggy beats us all

Ah heck.
Been avoiding t' interweb whilst over the Pond since last month, so just now saw this thread.
Fare thee well Sluggy, wherever you are. :sad:
We knew the unicorn was on its way cos Jarrod sent the pic. The Arrse group moved a few places beyond the entrance and could see all the way down the drive. We saw the unicorn before the family. One by one they turned and you didn't need to be a lip reader to understand wtf.

As the celebrant put it, he'd never opened such a service with a unicorn at the back and a beaver on the coffin.

Did you see the people from the previous service?

A bloke in a dress* gave me a funny look ffs. He is a professional crossdresser with an invisible Man telling him to do stuff and he thinks my unicorn outfit is odd?

(*Some kind of God squad.)

Anyway, that's me now arrived in ******* Thetford. Over 800 miles, 14 hours of driving and I may be a bit tired.
"Someone_may have moved a few "do not disturb" and "don't make up the room"door hangers at this hotel.


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La! How saucy.

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