Sluggy beats us all

Before A passed, Slugsy made a new years resolution to be nice. It utterly destroyed her image with me.

When A passed, she was an absolute rock and maintained that nice demeanour because she had made a deal with A.

Can we please get more funny stories about our Slugsy?
R.I.P Dale... after our many ‘conversations’ over the years, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll no longer be gracing these pages with your sometimes acerbic, sometimes kindly and most times funny posts. I'll miss you but hey...

... Have a choon dear lady. That Jenkins bird, did you like her?



Rest in peace, Sluggy.


I don't know how, but it'd be nice if somehow there could be a permanent reminder of her on Arrse. Any thread, even this one, is eventually going to become cobwebs and dust, and she deserves better than that. From practically day one she had been part of the bricks and mortar of the site and was, I think, unique in that everybody respected and liked her.

How about renaming one of the forums in her memory?
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Wow. I don't normally do sympathy threads, but I've known Dale since the early days, had a few chats (after mistakingly giving her my work number at my last unit) and am genuinely sad to hear this.

I remember when ARRSE was relatively new, you could often see her propping up the chat room, popping up in just about every ARRSE crawl pic...

Such a shame. Poor girl.


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For those (seeming few) who weren't Dale Bigots, sworn to total secrecy with the threat of having your face cut off, this is how it went.

She broke her hip as we all know. She was on industrial quantities of morphine and off her t¡ts a lot of the time.

Then they found diverticulitis. Look it up yourself. She had her own Lara Croft stoma bag.

Then in 2018 they found stage 4 sacral cancer. Bone cancer in her spine. As she put it to me when we talked, there is no stage 5. She refused to be downbeat.

In the summer, her consultant told her that quantity of life was no longer an option, and he would see if he could give her some quality in her remaining weeks. He gave her no more than Christmas.

Then they found out she'd also broken her other hip at the same time. They carted her out of her hospice to hospital to have a look.

I discovered she was living on Jaffa Cakes, so yesterday week I posted her a Red Cross parcel of different flavours of Polish Jaffa Cakes.

We exchanged texts a week ago. The Jaffa Cakes turned up during the conversation. Subsequent texts remained unanswered.

She was at least outwardly her normal cheerful self right up to the end.

Búgger. Just búgger.

Goodbye friend and Torn wife.

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Well, that's not right!

I knew she was ill but didn't realise that she was that poorly.


I made the mistake of swapping phone numbers with her a few years ago.

ffs - Donny Osmond at 0200?

'Ange, be a good girl and feck off'.

'Nah. You sounded miserable so I thought I'd cheer you up'.


We then had an interesting chat string when she was moving to her new house (as I'm sure others did).:

'Waddya think to this one?'

'Yeah. Not bad. Corner plot and a parking space, too'.

'Nah. Don't like the tree. It looks at me funny'.

'Oh. OK.'

'Waddabout this one'?

'Pretty good: decent sized rooms and a good kitchen . . . '

'Have you hurt your head? It's shite. If you can't be sensible, I'll come down there and put an apple corer through your ears . . .'

Bless her.
That's very sad to hear. I was only thinking the other day that we hadn't heard from her for a while.

I always looked forward to reading her posts as they were full of (biting) wit and wisdom.
What he said.

She was one of the few Arrsers who could make me laugh with pretty much every post.

RIP Sluggy

Goodbye girl.
I was in PM with Sluggy recently and she swore me to secrecy not to let on to ARRSE just how poorly she was.

I can honestly say that she'll be missed by everyone on here.

Now laydees and genklemen.. we need some choons!

You know she's giggling her tits off at us soft Kunts don't you.
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She had strong armed me into sending her a cut of my chocolate skip finds, she had half a sweetshop off me , I now suspect she was grooming half of arrse to supply her sugar needs.

Fake Sheikh


Taken much to young.
She tore me a new ******** on possilby my third post - she was viscous - but loved reading her retorts and barbs - really funny.

I think The Hole should be re-named Slugsville or somewhat, she'd always be remembered.

She'll have gone to Hell, cut the Devil's face off and then gone back upstairs and said "Can I come in now?"

St Peter will live to regret letting her in, if he doesn't like the Bay City Rollers.

Fcuk's sake. It's not fair. What a kick in the balls. I didn't know her at all other than here, but it feels like I've lost a friend. God knows what her real friends are feeling like.


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Bugger. I thought the OP was on a wind up for a bit. Then I realised it was serious.
Recently I've noticed more RIP banners on resurrected threads. It's going to be weird seeing one on her posts.

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