Sluggy beats us all


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Now that is just so sad. I will miss her posts on here, pithy to say the least :)

RIP Sluggy, it will be a long time before you are forgotten.
Bugger. That's a real shame.
In honour of Sluggy. It's time for a choon.
I bet Sluggy hated Enya!
Bugger. RIP Ang and condolences to all her family and friends. She was a mine of information and help when I moved across to Upavon.
Seriously unexpected, I knew she was poorly and had been in hospital and from her tone she was getting better and expected to be fighting the good fight again.

Keep those gates open for the rest of us Sluggy, you will be seriously missed.

Rest In Peace Soldier.
She sent me funny and encouraging PM's when I was suffering from depression which were just what I needed at the time. She never let on how severe her illness was, just said she was " poorly".

I'm proud to her known her even though i never met her in person.
RIP Dale the Snail
This weekend, All the Beavers of Torn will be curb stomping the shit out of her particular nemesis in the first annual "Shoe The Turd"

He will not have a clue what hit him.
That sucks.
One of the all time greats of Arrse, I will miss her warm, gentle and sweet natured contributions.
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She was indeed the real deal, wasn't she.
Well that's the end of an era, may the legend live on.
She made me smile, awarded me a few funnies and never threatened to slice my face off - and will be missed, particularly some of her interventions reminding ********* that they're *********.
Rest in Peace Sluggy/Angela.
I'd rather this were a wind up like when Pip the dog wonder (ginger tap dancing pirate dog) had his first death.

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